Brazilian architecture firm Studio MK27 has designed and built a stunning apartment, nestled in the dense vegetation of the Brazilian rainforest, covering the mountainous terrain of Sao Paulo’s coastline. “Casa Na Mata” (The Jungle House) lies just west of the Paulista shore and attempts to bring nature and modern living closer together. It sits high above the trees on the side facing outwards, enabling a stunning view towards the shore, and behind the house the trees sit high above, giving the impression that the house is naturally set in the landscape.

“The introduction of this house to this landscape has the objective of optimising the connection between architecture and nature, privileging the view looking out to the ocean and the incidence of sunlight in the internal spaces,” said team, which is led by architect Marcio Kogan.

The ground floor houses a large covered wooden deck, connected to a small room for children. On the first floor there are six bedrooms – five of them with small verandas with hammocks – and a TV room. The third, most spectacular floor is the social area of the house, including a swimming pool, a living room, and the kitchen. The pool is partially submerged into the floor but has a raised border that brings it slightly above the floor level of the deck. Glass balustrades frame the space, allowing swimmers to enjoy the view.

Marcio Kogan founded Studio MK27 in São Paulo in the 1980s and now has a team of almost 30 architects. Recent projects include a book shop with a vast timber-lined reading room, a concrete photography studio with folding walls and a 65-metre-long house.

PHOTOS: Fernando Guerra